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We Are Green Cow Dairy

We are a traditional family run farm in Cornwall, and are one of a few dairy farms producing, processing, bottling and delivering our own cows’ milk direct to customers in glass pint bottles.

Our customers really appreciate the convenience of very fresh, locally produced milk being delivered to their doorstep.

Our Ethos, Your Reassurance

By buying direct from the dairy farm you are helping to ensure that:

  • The local dairy farmer is paid a fair price
  • The milk is very fresh – cows milked today for delivery tomorrow!
  • The product is as natural as possible with minimal processing.
  • Low environmental impact – low food miles and glass bottles
  • Other local businesses are supported

Our customers not only know the source of their milk (you can even see cows themselves on our facebook page!) but you can also be reassured as to how it has been produced.

We promise our milk is:

  • Only pasteurised before bottling
  • It is the whole milk, with nothing taken out – or added (unless its semi-skimmed or skimmed milk when some or all of the cream is removed)
  • As nature intended – not homogenised
  • From cows that are grazing on grass for most of the year and only housed during the worst of the winter weather.

That means our milk is extra tasty and extra creamy.

Please see our full range of milk and dairy products here.

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