We are very sorry but we are unable to continue deliveries this week. As a new business, we diligently test our dairy products through an approved laboratory, unfortunately, despite our tests coming back as a pass, the EHO purchased a bottle from a shop, that was nearing its use by date. Their test show a […]


We are currently updating our website. If you encounter any problems logging into your ‘Your moo’ account, please email or send a text. 07876 208609


WOW!! Every single pint of milk our cows produce sells out daily! This is an incredible place for our business to be in. However, it does mean there is now a waiting list of a minimum of 3 weeks for new customers. We will have some cows calving at the beginning of September and hopefully […]

We are part of the TV series ‘Devon & Cornwall’

Devon and Cornwall shows daily life in the beautiful south west – from the viewpoints of locals, villagers, farmers, fishermen, shop-keepers and the tourist industry. We are featuring across three episodes starting the 22nd April: Episode 4, Episode 5 and Episode 6, covering some of our farming enterprises and new ventures with our two small […]

Delivery delay 4th March 2019

Good Morning, Unfortunately due to unforseen circumstances we have been unable to deliver milk to some areas (please see list below) . I have managed to find someone to drive me around delivering from 3pm onwards. I am still unable to drive due to a recently otherwise I would be out delivering to you now. […]

December 2018 Newsletter

An up date on farming and family life, as well as what’s new for 2019. There are some payment and price changes so please read for more details.   Newsletter Dec 2018[7197]

Deliveries Christmas 2018

For the weeks of Christmas & New Year, deliveries will be as follows: Mondays orders will be delivered on Sunday Tuesdays orders will be delivered on Monday Thursdays and Fridays as normal

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